Rachelle, the Frost Fairy

Fall has ended and summer looks as if it will never arrive: it's winter! Some fairies don't like the snow and the cold, but Rachelle the Frost Fairy is jumping for joy! Winter is the time when Rachelle the Frost Fairy plays games outdoors. Once the trees in the Realm of the Fairies lose all their leaves, Rachelle the Frost Fairy awakes from hibernation and flaps her beautiful fairy wings. Her favorite holiday game is to spread a blanket of sparkling frost everywhere. Rachelle the Frost Fairy isn't evil, not at all - why if she did not spread her blankets of frost every night before the snow fell, all the pretty flowers and trees would die! Dress up Rachelle the Frost Fairy in warm clothes for winter fashion, in stylish boots, pants, winter coats and hats and enjoy the snow this holiday season!

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