Marida, the Cornucopia Fairy

As it is Thanksgiving you may ask why there could be a Fairy so overjoyed with excitement. The answer is simple. Marida, the Cornucopia Fairy, is not only celebrating Thanksgiving, but she celebrates her birthday as well. Today is a very special day, Thanksgiving Day, and her birthday. Marida, the Corncucopia Fairy, is one of the most caring and loving Fairies from the Realm of the Fairies. Marida, the Cornucopia Fairy, usually spends her days spreading around her gifts of ecstatic wonders to all of those whom she cares about. She considers her friends to be as important to her as her family, and that is something she is very thankful for, oh yes. Marida has been keeping a watchful eye on the Human realm as the summer season comes to an end in the Realm of the Fairies. She is overjoyed and sometimes bewildered by their sense of style and fashion. Her friends know this, so for Marida's birthday, they all have purchased some stylish and beautiful jackets, scarves, boots and pants, to better suit this loving and caring Fairy for the winter season. Enjoy and take part in the Cornucopia Fairy's birthday celebrations! Happy Thanksgiving!

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