Mona, the Emo Fairy

When Tila, the Flower Fairy sent out Princess Viaggio to Earth, the little princess was very curious about the different cultures and trends that humans have compared to the Fairy Realm. A few months later, Princess Viaggio visited all of her friends in the Fairy Realm and played games after game and introduced them to some of the fashion styles that people of Earth practiced. Mona, one of Viaggio's closest friends listened very carefully to what she had to say and was very interested by the Emo trend (short for Emotional). Started by popular rock bands and punk artists, Emo was a way of expressing yourself very emotionally by music, entertainment, or by art and even writing, and over time on Earth this trend quickly spread and was associated with its own dress up style. Mona missed Princess Viaggio very much, and when she left again, Mona decided to bring the emo style to the Fairy Realm in memory of the little princess - and from then on Mona was forever known as Mona, the Emo Fairy. Mona the Emo Fairy is preparing herself for the launch of her own clothing line in the realm of the Fairies - dressup Mona the Emo Fairy and choose what she should wear for the first fashion show for her emo clothing line!

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