Play Solê, the Sunshine Fairy

There is a time in the Fairy Realm which comes after winter, but before the springtime. It lasts a few weeks. All the fairies and future princesses know that when this time arrives spring is not far. The sun is not powerful in the Realm of the Fairies when the Snow Queen sends Winter to the Realm. But at the very, very beginning of Spring the snow needs to be melted and at that moment, Solé, the Sunshine Fairy appears. With her unique magical powers, Solé, the Sunshine Fairy flies around the Fairy Realm creating warmth and summoning the Sun to stay longer over the Realm and to chase away the Snow Queen. All the other fairies and princesses rejoice and play games as the newly growing grass and flowers lift their heads to give thanks to Solé. Dress up Solé, the Sunshine Fairy.
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