Play Tila, the Flower Fairy

You have been given a great gift. You have the chance to look at Tila, the Flower Fairy, with your own two eyes, and to dress her up as well. From her home deep within the garden glades, Tila the Flower Fairy sends another beautiful princess into the great world of humans. The princesses have played joyfully within the Flower Fairy's floral gardens, but each little princess must leave the flowers and command a small part of the world of humans. It is time for the flora ceremony, and Tila the Flower Fairy must choose a beautiful outfit as she says goodbye to another princess. Another gift has been bestowed to you, as Tila the Flower Fairy is entrusting you to dress her. She enjoys dazzling earth tones for her clothes, for she blends in with her nature and chooses not to be seen when she wishes. Play the Dressup game and prove your worth to the Fairies and all the princesses of this universe. If you do, you might find future games with other secretive and magical fairies.
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